What is Pinball Maniacs?

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been developing Pinball Maniacs for a year now. And we are happy to announce that we are getting close to the release of the game.

Still you are probably wondering: “What is Pinball Maniacs?”

So we asked Justin (the hero of the game), and here is his answer!


Team Mania

10 thoughts on “What is Pinball Maniacs?”

  1. Pinball Maniacs keeps crashing on first stage on last part of loading. Even after rebooting. I have an iPad 1 up to date iOS.

  2. Unfortunately this is a known problem.
    The good news is we have an update we’re currently working on that fixes the specific memory issue with iPad 1.
    It’s coming! Thanks for your patience!

  3. Hello !!
    Since the new version has been launched, when you lose the ball in the hole, it nevers comes back, but the clocks goes on ticking.
    (I’ve got an iPad 3)

  4. The game is fun, but come on. 50 gems to get a new pinball machine? It will take you at least a few weeks of playing the game to unlock it, and the real money price for buying it is just too high if the new machine is as large as the first one, which is small in pinball terms. Please lower the gem amount to something reasonable.

  5. Hi Ehhwut,
    We are working to give more opportunities to win rubies, not just daily challenges. In the end it should be much easier to reach 50.

  6. @Laurent
    That is good to hear. Keep up the good work :-)

  7. @Paul we’ve noticed some devices fail to init the sound system, for a while it was causing crashes, but now we’ve allowed it to work without sound.
    Restarting your devices fixes the issue most of the time, if it does not, just let me know.

  8. Hi. I (and all my family) play at Pinball Maniacs on iPad 2 and we love it! But now we are stuck at XP Level 70 (it´s full but we can ´t go to Level 71! What can I do?! Thanks

  9. Hi Cat, Level 70 is the cap for this version, in the next update we are removing the cap.

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