Pinball Maniacs 2.2

We’ve been working hard to release a new update for Pinball Maniacs, and we appreciate that the feedback from you guys has been very positive.

Please Update!

What’s new in Pinball Maniacs 2.2:

Already unlocked Dragon Castle, wonder what to do with all those stars?
Stars now unlock more Chests with Great Surprises.
Got Friends behind? Send gifts to your friends to help them progress! Good friends will send you gifts back!
Are you stuck? You can now unlock the next mission using Rubies!
Purchase Rubies or Coins and get more for Free!
Holidays Blues? In Maniacs, it’s Holidays every day! Pretty soon we’ll offer cool deals on Extraballs, Boosts, Upgrades and more!
Improved Performance and Framerate!

We know Pinball Maniacs requieres a lot skill, and it might be discouraging for new pinball players. The next version will focus on improving beginners experience.

Don’t hesitate to post your feedback, or suggestions.

Thanks :)

2 thoughts on “Pinball Maniacs 2.2”

  1. Al llegar al nivel 71 ya no me suma para pasar de nivel, es que no hay más niveles?
    Un saludo

  2. Are you ever going to bring out the 3rd level that is supposedly “coming soon” but hasn’t come?? I love this game but I’m sooo bored with the first two levels. Its been months since I played at all…

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