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Android – Helping us track down issues

There are hundreds if not thousands different android devices, and device related issues might sometimes be very small yet they are very hard to track down.

We’ve already posted 2 messages related to Android technical support :
Android Troubleshooting Guide
Android Device Compatibility List

In case of a crash (App returning to the dashboard), there are simple steps to help us. You can share with us the log of your device device.

Sending System Logcat
1) Install aLogcat app:


2) Run Pinball Ride until it shuts down.

3) Then run aLogcat and in the menu, check that the log contains traces of PinballRide. If not run Pinball Ride again.

4) Send us the log by email to support.android@massivefinger.com

It should contain technical information, and will help us find and hopefully fix the issue.
If you didn’t contact us before, don’t forget to add the name of the device in the email.
Thank You.
Pinball Ride Android Support Team

More Android Reviews from Users and Blogs

It’s very hard for us to answer to everyone, but we are very happy to hear from you :)

Average rating: 4.5/5
Pinball Ride is in the Top Paid Apps list on the Android Market in Arcade and Action Games section.
Thank you very much! We really appreciate!

User Comments

Here are some of our favorite quotes!

“One of the best games I’ve seen yet, great job!” stats555
“Been a pinball fan 4 years & this is by far the best one EVER developed for a cell! Kudos for the awesome creativity!” Lynda
“Beautiful. Good touchscreen control, nice modern table. Great fun.” Matthew

Just discovered and bought Pinball Ride for my HTC Desire HD. I was blown away! I never expected this was possible on my phone! I just LOVE the 3D flipper view. I don’t understand why this game isn’t THE biggest news right now and THE biggest Android hit right now…! Absolutely great stuff.

Hello Goodbye
Get the game now if you haven’t already.


The game also got a lot of blog announcements and reviews, thanks to the blogs





Android – Troubleshooting

[Update 22/12/2010] Reference to aLogCat in crash problems.
[Update 28/12/2010] Installation solution provided by Filippo.
[Update 09/01/2011] Installation solution provided by Rowland.
[Update 22/02/2011] We’ve released Pinball Ride 1.1, please update your version.
While most players report that the game works well on their device, we got reported a few problems. Most are not related to the game, but to the Android Market.

First: Check Device Compatibility List

Here are the issues we try to address:

  1. The game does not download.
  2. The game does not install.
  3. The game says that the license is not valid and quits.
  4. The game loads then exits.
  5. The game displays a white screen.
  6. I cannot edit my Profile name.

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Pinball Ride – Android Reviews

Today, the first Pinball Ride review is out and it’s on Android Pimps:


“Now here comes the first serious Pinball game on Android and I’m happy to report, that it is worth playing. [...] I recommend you buy this game immediately” Dan Mousavi at Android Pimps

Forum post:

Android Market
Average Rating: 4.25/5

First comments:

“The best pinball game for Android!” Adam
“The best pinball game i’ve ever played on a mobile device, a masterpiece on samsung galaxy tab, great work Massive Finger” Robin
“Excellent graphics and gameplay. Full 3D graphics are great” LegionFecalExcretion
“Awesome game, very addictive.” JS

Pinball Ride on Android!

Today, we’re introducing Pinball Ride on Android 2.1 and 2.2 at a very attractive introduction price: 0.99$ for a limited time.

Download link (only on Android):

More info:

As it’s our first release, featuring the awesome Story mode and Achievements.

The game has been tested on the following devices:
– Samsung Galaxy S
– Samsung Galaxy Tab
– Samsung Captivate
– Samsung Fascinate
– Motorola Droid Milestone
– Motorola Droid X
– HTC HD2 (since 1.0.1)
– HTC Desire (since 1.0.1)
– HTC EVO 4G (since 1.0.1)
– HTC Nexus One (since 1.0.1)
– HTC Desire HD (since 1.0.1)
– Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (since 1.0.1)
– Nook Color

The game experiences performance issues on older or less powerful devices:
– Motorola Blur
– HTC Hero

The game does not run on non-Hardware Accelerated Open GL devices.
– HUAWEI / U8120 or Vodafone 845
– Most HUAWEI devices like: T-Mobile’s or HUAWEI Accend.
– HTC Wildfire

The game could not run on some devices for unknown reason.
– Archos IT 70, and probably other Archos devices. (Although, some users report to work fine with Archos 2.1.8 firmware).

Known problematic devices, we’re working on it:
If you have any device that crashes or does not work perfectly, please contact us!

Please share with us if Pinball Ride works or not on your device: support.android@massivefinger.com


The Pinball Ride (Android Team)