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Pinball Ride User Guide

We’ve integrated a User Guide in the existing version in the menu About > Rule Sheet.
It explains the basic principles of the table, so you can discover advanced modes by yourself.

Bonus multiplier

Lighting up the 4 lights at the top of the table increases your bonus multiplier. The higher your bonus multiplier, the higher your End-of-Ball Bonus, up to 10x.

Airbags (Exit Blockers)

Exits can be blocked in 3 locations: left, center and right.
Hitting the 3 targets on the left activates the left airbag.
Hitting the 3 targets on the front right activates the right airbag.
Sending your ball into the bridge ramp (middle right) with maximum Backseat Points activates both the left and right airbags.
Entering the Parking Garage may activate the front airbag, or even all 3 airbags.

Story Challenges

Hitting the ball into the blinking ramps and completing challenges advances the story. As you progress, new modes will open. All possible modes will be unlocked by the end of the story.


Shaking the device allows you to nudge the table. The table cannot Tilt (you will not be penalized), but too much shaking interferes with precise shooting.


Hitting the bumpers causes you to increase your Business Contacts. When no challenge is active, taking the ramp on the right gives you points in proportion to your contacts.

Parking (Lock)

The Parking Garage is located below the right ramp. Once inside, the ball is held for a second, then given back. The Parking Garage randomly gives rewards or triggers challenges: Multi-Ball, Airbag deployment, Friendly Duel, etc.

Backseat Points

Hitting the ball into the bridge ramp (middle right) increases Backseat Points. When maximum Backseat Points (3) is reached, the side blockers are activated.

Even More

Playing through Pinball Ride’s story opens other exciting challenges, jackpots and rewards.