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Android – Helping us track down issues

There are hundreds if not thousands different android devices, and device related issues might sometimes be very small yet they are very hard to track down.

We’ve already posted 2 messages related to Android technical support :
Android Troubleshooting Guide
Android Device Compatibility List

In case of a crash (App returning to the dashboard), there are simple steps to help us. You can share with us the log of your device device.

Sending System Logcat
1) Install aLogcat app:


2) Run Pinball Ride until it shuts down.

3) Then run aLogcat and in the menu, check that the log contains traces of PinballRide. If not run Pinball Ride again.

4) Send us the log by email to support.android@massivefinger.com

It should contain technical information, and will help us find and hopefully fix the issue.
If you didn’t contact us before, don’t forget to add the name of the device in the email.
Thank You.
Pinball Ride Android Support Team

Android – Troubleshooting

[Update 22/12/2010] Reference to aLogCat in crash problems.
[Update 28/12/2010] Installation solution provided by Filippo.
[Update 09/01/2011] Installation solution provided by Rowland.
[Update 22/02/2011] We’ve released Pinball Ride 1.1, please update your version.
While most players report that the game works well on their device, we got reported a few problems. Most are not related to the game, but to the Android Market.

First: Check Device Compatibility List

Here are the issues we try to address:

  1. The game does not download.
  2. The game does not install.
  3. The game says that the license is not valid and quits.
  4. The game loads then exits.
  5. The game displays a white screen.
  6. I cannot edit my Profile name.

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Pinball Ride 1.2.x Updates

Pinball Ride 1.2 is our second major update for the game. With this update we really pushed a lot of new content in the game but unfortunately a few bugs got in too.

Pinball Ride 1.2.1 is fixing a few important bugs and restoring Ranking.

 – Fixes offline/online Profile sync.
 – Fixes Facebook Connect issues.
 – Fixes minor in game display issues.
 – Fixes collision issues.
 – Ranking now displays properly.

Some bugs remain in the version, and we are working on it right now. We’re also looking to improve our update rate so that fixes and improvements come more regularly.

[Update 09/17: We've submitted an update to Apple, please read this post for more info]

We want to provide a list of recurring bugs we’re working on and we’ll keep it updated.

  • Boss Multiball crash: The game crashes during the Boss Multiball when you enter the garage and get a  Multiball reward. Please avoid the garage when in Boss Multiball (Story Mode). We have a fix for this issue, we’ll send an update to Apple really soon.
  • Flipper stuck in up position: This a recurring problem that occur on specific devices, not all devices. It happens mostly on iPhone 3G, but some people have seen it on other devices too. We’re still investigating the issue. As this is device specific which makes it really hard to debug. We encourage you to test the free version before buying the unlimited version. The work around in to put the game in pause, quit and resume the game. The flipper will be back in down position. [Update 09/15: We have a fix for this issue too now, we are submitting to Apple with this fix]
There are other bugs, but they are online/server related. We are able to fix them without updating the game.
If you find an annoying bug that is not on this list don’t hesitate to contact the support and send a detailed description of the problem.
Pinball Ride Team,

Pinball Ride User Guide

We’ve integrated a User Guide in the existing version in the menu About > Rule Sheet.
It explains the basic principles of the table, so you can discover advanced modes by yourself.

Bonus multiplier

Lighting up the 4 lights at the top of the table increases your bonus multiplier. The higher your bonus multiplier, the higher your End-of-Ball Bonus, up to 10x.

Airbags (Exit Blockers)

Exits can be blocked in 3 locations: left, center and right.
Hitting the 3 targets on the left activates the left airbag.
Hitting the 3 targets on the front right activates the right airbag.
Sending your ball into the bridge ramp (middle right) with maximum Backseat Points activates both the left and right airbags.
Entering the Parking Garage may activate the front airbag, or even all 3 airbags.

Story Challenges

Hitting the ball into the blinking ramps and completing challenges advances the story. As you progress, new modes will open. All possible modes will be unlocked by the end of the story.


Shaking the device allows you to nudge the table. The table cannot Tilt (you will not be penalized), but too much shaking interferes with precise shooting.


Hitting the bumpers causes you to increase your Business Contacts. When no challenge is active, taking the ramp on the right gives you points in proportion to your contacts.

Parking (Lock)

The Parking Garage is located below the right ramp. Once inside, the ball is held for a second, then given back. The Parking Garage randomly gives rewards or triggers challenges: Multi-Ball, Airbag deployment, Friendly Duel, etc.

Backseat Points

Hitting the ball into the bridge ramp (middle right) increases Backseat Points. When maximum Backseat Points (3) is reached, the side blockers are activated.

Even More

Playing through Pinball Ride’s story opens other exciting challenges, jackpots and rewards.